Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

These adrenaline-filled activities are sure to get your heart pumping and are a great way to bond with a relative, friend, or someone special.

Also, if you've ever wanted to take up one of these activities but haven't found the courage to try it in famous places like this, it'll give you the boost you need to overcome any hesitation. While some of them are suitable for beginners and do not require previous experience, some are not for beginners, so you will need to build up your skills first.

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Best extreme vacation adventures in the USA

Part skydiving and part cliff jumping, BASE jumping is one of the most extreme experiences you can experience, mostly because relatively low altitude launch points mean less time to deploy your parachute. The Perrine Bridge, perched nearly 500 feet above the Snake River, is known worldwide for its adrenaline-fuelled activities and, unlike many other sports venues, does not require a permit. The only requirement is courage, but TandemBASE guides beginners through experience.

There are few things more exhilarating than lowering yourself down a rock face amid a deluge of foamy spray. While waterfall rappelling is often associated with exotic destinations like Costa Rica, but you need only travel to the Northeast to experience it. Climbing outfitter Northeast Mountaineering welcomes adventurers of all skill levels. Take a short hike to the top of a 100ft fall before rappelling down it with the help of a guide. Just be prepared to get wet.